Emptyvase зеленый человек una parabola d'amore (emptyvase) wrote,
Emptyvase зеленый человек una parabola d'amore


Oh, sweet sultana
Your beauty is inestimable
Your patience admirable
When i think upon thee
I want to be superior

The verity is i know not who i am
Half man half patrician
I am the lunacy of the ages
I think you as a reverie
Or part of heavens tapestry

I am penitant for what i said
That tears would flow from your cherub head
Know that i am but a tortured soul
Who has forgotten how to love and play
You still helped me through my rainy days

If i had the chance to love you
I would no longer question
My rocky principles
A sign clearer than water
That god exists and is merciful
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