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Emptyvase зеленый человек una parabola d'amore

New Tunes!!

I heard some new records:

Belle and Sebastian release their new album write about love next month, ive been lucky enough to get a copy; and i really like it.

A move into more easy listening poppier songs which perhaps reflect their advancing years, the satrical wit from earlier releases is dead and this is a much more straight forward record. Melancholic and touching on more (straightforward adult themes eg. money, family) Why norah jones is on the record i do not know, there are a few sketchy moments, however i think this is one of their best efforts. 8/10

check out : I didnt see it coming + I can see your future.

And Squarepusher has also has new record out next month, once again moving toward a more accessible sound. Long gone are the days of harcore gabba, we are left with meanderings into funky bass and vocoded singing. The whole thing reeks of 80's music electrofied, its still sounds fresh and its still relavent. Check out a few tracks below.

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