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Well its been an uneventful year. Or at least none of the things i have done have really excited me this year, i always feel like that.

So its my birthday soon and things are going to have to change, i will be happy if
a) i stop drinking so much
b) i stop smoking
c) finally do some aid work
d) move somewhere beside a beach

2009, saw a great financial recession. The poor are inevitably getting poorer and even the rich have been slightly affected. Icelandic banks seemed to light the touch paper. Still they say things have to get worse before they get better. I sincerely hope they do.

There was temporary cease fire in the gaza strip, before horrific attacks by israel and hamas counterstrikes. My view as an uninformed viewer was that Israel acted far too strongly, i mean they are taking land masses that have no Israeli population at all. Water? Both sides did wrong.

Milutinović is aquitted of war crimes from the kosovo war.

North Korea have started tempting fate by messing around with nuclear weapons. Still i doubt America would bother invading again, despite the obvious hypocrasy.

Greenland flew solo from the Danites and got their own language Greenlandic.

The hadron collinder did not kill us all or work very well at all.

Astronomers found 32 new planets outside our solar system, one of which could support water.

Obama got a nobel peace prize (????????)

Red Dwarf got back on TV!

Notable deaths included:

J. G. Ballard - author of empire of the sun
Frank McCourt - author of angelas ashes + great book about being a young teacher 'teacher man'
Bobby Robson - football player/manager
Juan Almeida - Cuban revolutionary and vital black role model (in cuba)
Vic Chesnutt - Musican

I watched a lot of movies last year, i always forget films but here you go:
Best other film: You, the Living.
Best mainstream film: Avatar/Inglorious B.

Worst film: Star Trek (i like the star trek franchise, i did not like this pile of shite)

Best Tv Show - i liked the alice in wonderland mini from sci-fi. I liked Paradox (bbc) for a while. Chuck, i oddly enjoyed. Went through stages of watching black books, it crowd, fm with friends. Most surprisingly i found myself laughing at Seinfeld this year. Life and Times of Tim and Archer, were excellent animations.

Worst TV Show - i dislike so much, big bang theory is shite i really dont like that. Anything channel 4.

Music, i would say i only listened to about 100 albums this year which is low for me.
Portishead - Third, was awesome and nice and downbeat.
Vic Chesnutt - At the cut, i got this a few months before his death. A really miserable album and my cup of tea. He was a paraplegic and often wrote of death, there were some real harrowing songs on this one. His death was a result of an overdose.

Its pretty disgraceful how commercial this list is but hey ive no time to think.

My gran survived the year, thank the lord.

Heres some Vic Chesnutt to play us out.

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